Friday, November 12, 2010

Fairy Cake House's First Anniversary

Posted by Jeanette at 2:41 PM
Hi all,

It's Fairy Cake House's 1st Anniversary! My sincere thanks to my dear brother-in-law, Alan (and not forgetting my dearest sister, Ann) who started building this blog for me to help me kick start my love and passion for baking.

I've come a long way since then. I've befriended many friends along the way and have had many orders coming in. I've been blessed by the many contacts in my life. My family members who are the joy of my life have been a source of encouragement to me. For this very reason, I began to embark on this journey of baking at my leisure. Baking and cake decorating have widen my horizon of creativity. I find much delight and peace as I hone my skills in moulding and crafting the flowers, figurines and designs, and then finalizing the details on the cakes that I bake.

My friends constantly encourage me to make my dream a reality and it has been a reality for this past year! I am indebted to them for their faithful support, positive comments, and for spurring me on to achieve my goal.

To commemorate this 1st Anniversary, I would like to give away a 8" Guinness Chocolate Cake with whipped cream cheese, strawberries and chocolate, baked and designed to my discretion. What you see is what you will get! I'll be conducting a lucky draw on Christmas eve for my fans residing in Singapore. The rules, regulations, and conditions governing this lucky is very simple and will be listed soon.

I'll give you more time to be acquainted with my blog and if you do like my FB page, please click LIKE. Meanwhile, I'll be accepting Christmas orders and there'll be a 10% discount for this festive orders from all my fans! You'll find the link to my FB page here...

You may contact me for further enquiries or orders at:

Thank you and may you be richly blessed!

With love,


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