Monday, October 12, 2009

About Me

Posted by Jeanette at 5:03 AM
About Jeanette
Jeanette G : full time mother by day, baker for hire by night, erstwhile a high flying cabin crew - stumbled upon the world of food wonders through her three boys, - entering into this baking venture after much encouragement by friends, family, and consumer of Jeanette’s baking experiments. A few successful baking sessions later, the rest was history…

Although a devoted baker since the age of 16, Jeanette simply wasn’t ready to abandon the chic lifestyle of airlines industry for the high-stakes game of owning a bakery. But the creativity, the exchange, and the inspiration she found among her network– this was just the outlet she needed! In short order, Jeanette signed up for her very own blog, and Fairy Cakehouse was born that fateful day in Oct 2009.

Baking has taken residence in Jeanette’s day-to-day life. Fairy Cakehouse will hopefully evolve into a place to experiment, inspire, create, and share her work with others. Jeanette continues to lead a double-life as an ad-hoc baker and full-time mother to three boys, with certification from the renowned Wilton school in cake decorating and design.

Jeanette lives in Singapore with her loving deep-sea diving husband and three very active boys. She can be found between her school runs at various marketplace in the island city coveting finest ingredients.

About the Blog
Fairy Cakehouse blog is about - you guessed it - cakes, pastry, local food speciality and more. Each post will feature Jeanette's unique food creation with her own food photography, which reflect Jeanette's food philosophy - all food got to taste good and fun to look at!

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