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Cakes and cupcakes list

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Cake Name
Choc on Choc
Rich chocolate mud cake with chocolate Ganache filling. A must for all chocoholic.
Cake filling can be replaced by one of the following options:
· Chocolate mint filling Blueberry
· Black forest
· Chocolate crunchies
· Chocolate chip
· Hazelnut cream
· Chocolate peanut butter filling

Vanilla Bean
Moist vanilla cake made with finest quality Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla bean paste with fresh vanilla cream.

Cake can be topped with one of the following options:
· Fresh strawberries
· Blueberries
Guinness Chocolate
Rich Chocolate baked with Guinness Stout. Top with whipped cream cheese. Great for a chocolate and Guinness lover.

Chocolate Banana
Devil’s Food cake with sliced banana and cream filling.

Suji Cake
A traditional Eurasian favourite baked with semolina and almond and infused with XO liquor. A rich and tempting dessert covered with butter icing as in the traditional way.

Fruit Cake
Rich and fruity cake infused with whisky. A traditional favourite during Christmas and weddings. Baked using a secret family recipe. Truly indulgent.

Red Velvet Cake
Southern favourite in the States. Red chocolate cake that is light and fluffy layered with cream cheese for an ooomphatic treatment.


Normal cakes from $60 per kg
Tier cakes from $70 per kg (Buttercream and fresh cream)
3D Cakes from $80 per kg (Minimum size requirement applies)
3D Figurine $30 per figurine

Example: -
  • Barbie princess 3D (Minimum weight is 4.8 kgs)
  • Please note that if a special doll is requested, customer have to pay an extra $20-$30 for it. eg. Ariel for Little Mermaid, Jasmine for Aladdin, Snow White, etc. This is subject to availability as well.
  • Naruto (Minimum weight is 3.8 kgs)
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Minimum weight is 5 kgs)

Additional options will cost $5 per kg on top of the cake price.

All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

Cupcake Name
After 8
Moist rich dark chocolate cupcakes filled with peppermint cream topped with chocolate mint Ganache.

Tangy refreshing lemon cupcakes with ultimate lemon frosting and lemon rind.

Hot Chocolate
Every chocoholic dream... soft fluffy chocolate cupcakes with the best creamy chocolate topping and white chocolate shavings sprinkle.

Cherry Chocolate Candy
Cherry liquor flavoured chocolate cupcakes with a little surprise topped with vanilla butter cream and crushed candies.

Summer Blast
Zesty coconut and sweet pineapple cupcakes with lemon line frosting.

Rainbow M&Ms
Layered cupcakes in different colours infused with pure vanilla beans and M&Ms chocolate. Topped off with vanilla flavoured frosting.

Cookies and Cream
Oreo’s the word ... favourite with kids and adults alike. A mouthful is never enough.

Southern Favourite
Red velvet cupcakes, light and velvety. To be frosted with vanilla and whipped cream cheese topping.

Christmas Star
Freshly grated ginger and spice. Totally delectable, flavourful and wholesome. Topped it off with candied ginger frosting.


MINI Cupcakes – from $3.80 each (Minimum 24 pieces)
  • You can choose up to 2 different flavours for the minimum order.
  • Order of 3 sets (72 pieces) – price from $3.50 each
  • No additional designs

NORMAL SIZE Cupcakes – from $5.20 each (Minimum 12 pieces)
  • You can mix and match cupcakes with a minimum of 12 pieces for each flavour.
  • Order of 3 dozens (36 pieces) – price from $5 each
    Please note that there will be additional charges for extras eg. topping, toppers, design
  • For personalized and individual cupcake cases, there would be an additional charge of $0.80 for each of them.
All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

Orders must be prepaid before the date can be confirmed and on a first come first serve basis. Please note that there is no reserve unless a deposit of 50% has been made. Please note that payment made are not refundable as booking of slot have been done.

Free for all orders above $250. (If time permits-Weekends Only)
$20 delivery charge for order below $250.
No charge for self pick up at Toa Payoh Central.

(Subject to availability)
1PM – 4PM only

3 comments on "Cakes and cupcakes list"

b on January 25, 2010 at 3:41 PM said...

hi i love your suji cake in a present! like to enquire if you would do red velvet cake in a present and how much would it be?

Jeanette on February 24, 2010 at 11:46 PM said...

Hi b,

Sure would love to do that cake for you. A 6" sq cake ard 1kg+ would cost $50. Thanks for enquiring and have a pleasant day!!

Nithia T. on December 6, 2010 at 4:57 PM said...

I would like to order the suji cake. Is it too late to order for this Friday?

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