Monday, December 13, 2010

Chase's Disney Car Cake

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I'm lucky to be able to make this cake for Chase who celebrated his first birthday last Sunday. I just enjoyed the whole process from hand molding the cars and painting them one by one.

The Chase sign behind was digitally made by my multi-talented niece, Victoriette. She spent sometime to help me change the name from cars to Chase. Thanks dearie!!
2 tiered Chocolate Mud cake with a chocolate ganache filled with 2 layers of wafer for each tier. Something different from my usual, thanks to mummy Laura's superb idea. Work on this cake till 4am. Putting on the final touch.....just loving every second of it.

Close up of Mater the tow truck.
Close up of Lightning Mcqueen.

Happy Birthday Chase!! Hope you enjoyed your cake as much as I did making it for you!!

Dylan's Power Ranger Megazord Cake

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Dylan simply loves Power Ranger that his mummy ordered this as well as the cupcakes for his 4th birthday.
Power Ranger Mask
High Octane Megazord. All hand molded and edible. About 5-6" tall.

View from the top. The look on Dylan's face was worth all the effort. Thanks mummy Karen!!

Immanuel's Beyblade Cake

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Another order of Beyblade cake. This is a single tier chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache topping. Hand painted the Pegasis face.

Power Ranger Cupcakes

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Made this for a special little boy named Dylan. His mummy ordered this cupcakes as well as a power ranger cake for him. He's one very lucky boy who has a mummy who adores him so much. Here are some rainbow cupcakes covered with fondant.

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